Friday, 18 March 2011

#YZF #NWT Pilot Project of The Artist Run Community Centre

Pilot Project of The Artist Run Community Centre

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For decades now Yellowknife has had a large gap in the Arts community - An affordable space that encourages art for art's sake, that does not censor the artists voice nor emphasize art as commodity.   A space which will expose contemporary art on National and International level to new emerging audiences in Yellowknife. Images we have yet to see, concepts we have yet to grasp will reshape the city of Yellowknife and pave way to a more expressive and richer culture.  

A recent act of goodwill by a local supporter of the arts has brought this dream for a space one step closer to reality.

The Old Pentecostal Church on 49th Street has been given temporary use to the Arts Community until its fate to be demolished, or possibly relocated.  

Since then an ad-hoc committee has developed The Pilot Project of the Artist Run Community Centre (ARCC)

Our Mission:

To create an affordable venue for visual art, multi-media, dance, theatre, music, artist exhibition, art discourse, and to foster partnerships and collaboration between local artist groups.

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