Thursday, 10 March 2011

#YZF #NWT "Hotsprings on Tin Can Hill or Bust" - A FaceBook group to join by Batiste Foisy, Admin

Hotsprings on Tin Can Hill or Bust
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    So the city of Yellowknife is asking us to authorize a 49M$ loan in order to fulfill some downtown hot pipe-dream.
    Yes, we know that it's silly to put the citizen on the hook so that a handful of bureaucrats can brag about how green it's become to keep their large buttocks warm.
    Of course, we are well aware that, notwithstanding what the City claims, Northern Property, Polar Development and tutti quanti have a proven record of never lowering anyone's rent and that providing them with cheap subsidized fuel is not going to reduce the cost of living, just widen those fat Alberta cats profit margin.
    Without a doubt we realize that it's downright cynical to invest massively in a brand new downtown piping system when Northland's three decades overdue pipes are on the verge of turning that low-income neighbourhood into the next Walkerton.
    And we do admit that it's total nonsense that a town where public schools are built on documented contaminated land just six hundred meters away from a massive arsenic filled tailing pond would manage to earn whatever green urbanism award.
    Yet we like to think of ourselves as progressive closely connectected with nature townsfolks who bike on the ice-road, canoe to work, attend numerous folk concerts/ecology group bake-sales and crap in buckets.
    So, in the same fashion that we applauded when told the mathematicaly improbable tale about the addition of a new government building that provokes a subtraction of GHG emissions, next Monday, we will gleefully vote YES filled with the paradoxical hope that increasing energy production will result in a less energy consumption induced cataclysms prone world.
    But, in order for an higly educated population like ours to adopt such a naive, socially-shallow, pseudo-green position, it seems reasonable to at least expect to gain something out of it. That is why we raise our voices to request that, if the City really wants to get in the business of selling geothermal heat, it should also commit to detour some of that Con Mine 39°C water and build us funky communal nude hotsprings on Tin Can Hill covered with hype, pagoda style, aurora-viewing gazebos, so that, when it's forty below out, we have a pretty place to rest our collective greenwashed ass and chat about how warming climate is making our northern lifes so darn uncomfortable.

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