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Social assistance & telephone service in the #Yukon #NWT & #Nunavut

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre has asked for this to be widely distributed/shared -- they're especially looking for feedback from Yukon, Nunavut and the NWT and seem to be having some trouble getting it from the North.
Email reponses directly to John Lawford: - he's the lawyer for the case. ...

John Lawford


Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Suite 1204 - 1 Nicholas Street

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada  K1N 7B7

Phone: 613-562-4002 x25

Fax: 613-562-0007


Re:  Social Assistance and Telephone Service

PIAC (Ottawa) is preparing a case before the national regulator, the CRTC, regarding telephone/cellphone/internet regulation.

To better understand the impact on the poor, we are gathering information about current social assistance programs in respect of telecommunications services. We also hope to gather anecdotal evidence concerning the impact of telephone rates, deposits and collections policies, on the accessibility of telephone service to the poor.

We hope you can assist us by providing your feedback with respect to the following ten questions:

1.  Do social assistance programs provide specific funds for telephone service?
2.  What is the eligibility criteria to receive such assistance  (eg health, age etc)
3.  What is the amount of the assistance?
4.  Does social assistance provide fund for telephone service deposits?
5.  What are the terms of such assistance eg. repayable through overpayment recovery?
6.  Does social assistance provide assistance to pay phone bill arrears?
7. What are the terms of this assistance?
8. Does social assistance provide assistance to avoid telephone/cellphone/internet disconnections?
9. What are the terms of this assistance?
10.  Can you provide anecdotal evidence, relating to onerous telephone contracts, collections practices, or other factors with respect to the difficulties the poor face in accessing telephone service?

Please email your responses to:  John Lawford:


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