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A New Yellowknife Artist Run Community Centre #YZF #NWT

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ARCC PSA & Press Release



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Friday March 11th

Silk Screening Workshops, March 13th from 1 - 5 p.m.
Seize the opportunity to learn how to silk screen your shirt (byo shirt optional).
Have a tour of the proposed venue for an Artist Run Community Centre (ARCC) and share your ideas.
Donations will be accepted, proceeds going toward the development of an ARCC.
Find us at 5013 49th Street (former Pentecostal Church)

More info contact:

Matthew Grogono
cell: 867-445-5995
tel: 867-669-7645
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Attached is a Press release with additional background info.


Matthew Grogono
"Ad Hoc" Group Chair,
Artist Run Community Centre (ARCC)
cell: 867-445-5995
tel: 867-669-7645

March 7, 2011    

Contact: Matthew Grogono      

Cell: 867-669-7645


New Opportunity

Recycling the old Pentecostal Church into a Artist Run Community Centre (ARCC). 

Recently, a benevolent patron of the Arts offered the former Pentecostal Church downtown for temporary use.  With only a short window of opportunity, an "Ad Hoc" group has been struck and is looking into the possibility of taking advantage of the site as an all-ages community venue.  

Matthew Grogono, well-known recycler is Chair, and is joined by an Ad-Hoc working group of respected educators, musicians and artists.  Other capable parties are also showing strong interest in helping develop the group's mission. 

The Ad-Hoc working group intends to create a business plan modeled around the celebrated success of concert promoter Bill Graham with his venues, Fillmore West and Fillmore East.  "It is our hope," says Grogono, "that this pilot project will demonstrate the viability of a multipurpose community centre."   More particularly, it will focus on practice and performance space for artists from a diversity of disciplines.  

A trial run to test the idea is currently under review by the group.  If the business plan proves viable, a test event is being considered for within weeks.  If the test proves successful an enlarged program could be undertaken during the March break.  "We intend to bring the city's artistic community, both young and established artist, to the forefront particularly during the March break," says Grogono. 

The group is turning to the community for their ideas.  If you could be a World Leader in Art Promotions for a day, what you would do with a large hall down town in YK? What type of activities would you create for our community?  Come share your vision with us. 

Please email your ideas to the address below. 

If you would like more information about the topic, please contact:

Matthew Grogono at 669-7645


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