Friday, 25 March 2011

New Book: Exploration History and Place Names of Northern East Greenland

New Book: Exploration History and Place Names of Northern East Greenland

A new book entitled "Exploration History and Place Names of Northern East Greenland" is available. It was written by Anthony K. Higgins and is issued by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

The book is an account of nearly all expeditions to northern East Greenland from 2400 BC, when the first humans visited the region, to AD 2008. It contains a list of 5,650 place names, supplied with descriptions of the origin and information about the names of those who 'baptized' the locations. All names are indicated on detailed maps.

For further information or to obtain the book in either printed or electronic format, please go to:

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 21, 2010, 368 pp. + 2 maps

The book also exists in electronic form, which can be read at GEUS homepage:
Exploration history and place names of northern East Greenland

More than 3000 place names were officially approved by the Place Name Committee for use in northern East Greenland up to the end of 1984, after which responsibility passed to the Home-Rule government at Nuuk in Green- land. More than a third of these place names were proposed by members of the expeditions led by the Danish geologist Lauge Koch. The post-war expeditions led by Lauge Koch were almost entirely geological in nature, and the place names given reflect in part geological characteristics of the features named, the animals encountered and events during the expeditions, as well as commemorating the mountains, lakes and other features of the home countries of the participants.


  • Colophon, abstract, introduction, official place names in Greenland
    nr21_p001-016.pdf (pdf-file ~1 Mb)
  • Exploration history of northern East Greenland
    nr21_p017-116.pdf (pdf-file ~3 Mb)
  • Catalogue of place names in northern East Greenland, including references
    nr21_p117-368.pdf (pdf-file ~9 Mb)
  • Download the entire Bulletin nr21_001-368.pdf (pdf-file ~13 Mb)

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