Sunday, 27 March 2011

Frozen Eyes in Norman Wells... ends... on to Colville Lake

Approximately 14,000 images shot by 16 students over five days.... (that's a lot of gigabytes!)... an exhibition of the 40 or so prints made is in the works.. organized by the students themselves... and a 25min slide show of the selected best images has been produced... and is now on YouTube here...

An additional mini-workshop was also offered from 1:30pm to 5:00pm Friday afternoon for two teachers by yours truly... on "How do I use my digital camera... and what the heck is this button for?"

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society in Norman Wells Northwest Territories (the video)
Photos by - Kevin Kivi, Konrad Grandjambe, Heather Pope, Joshua Rose, Siobhan Quigg, Abby Small, Laura Wall, Cora Mccoy, Tamara McDonald, Shara Rose, Christine Desjarlais, Nate Greggy, Dakota Miller, Hunter Gray, Madi Gray, Nigel Gregory and Emily Barta

George Lessard and Pablo Saravanja

Thanks to
Renee Closs, Principal and Thomas Aikiman

very special thanks
Heritage Hotel, James W. Ulch (867) 587-5000
NWT Arts Council

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the NWT


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