Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sharon Firth & Marika Cockney to give skiing workshop in Yellowknife

Fast, furious and female Sharon Firth will be leading its camp in Yellowknife #YZF #NWT

"... Sharon Firth is now a mentor for Fast and Female and will be leading its camp in Yellowknife. She'll be joined by two other first nations skiers  She'll be joined by two other first nations skiers -- Sekwan Trottier from La Ronge, Sask., the provincial champion, and Marika Cockney, the daughter of Angus Cockney, who trained with the Firths in the 1980s and is now a coach.

Both were participants in one of the first Fast and Female events two years ago...."

Fast and Female - Ski & Chat - Yellowknife (NT)
Online Registration
Contact Person: M&H Thibeault and Donna Mulders
Phone: M&H = (403) 678-4806 / Donna = 867-766-2893
Registration Confirmation List
Inscription en ligne disponible en français.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

We From Inuvik #NWT and We Chillin'

Trevor and Angus share a little about their lives and what it's like to live in Inuvik, NWT.

Friday, 29 January 2010

WANTED: Real Stories about Flying in the Northwest Territories

Calling all pilots, flight crew , and passengers. We want to hear about your experience flying in the Canadian north - the NWT to be specific.

Your story could be featured on our interactive story map!
Full details are at

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Northern Research Forum : Call for Participation & Applications from Young Researchers: Northern Research Forum 6th Open Assembly

From: Sigmar Arnarsson []
Call for Participation and for Applications from Young Researchers

Northern Research Forum 6th Open Assembly

Our Ice Dependent World
Oslo and Kirkenes, Norway

24-27 October 2010


The 6th Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum (NRF), Our Ice Dependent World, is to be held on October 24th - 27th, 2010 in Oslo and Kirkenes, Norway. The event is organized together with the 6th NRF Host Planning Committee.


The 6th NRF Open Assembly
The main theme of the 6th NRF Open Assembly, Our Ice Dependent World, aims to address the impact of dwindling ice -- terrestrial as well as ocean-bound -- on the complex interface of nature and society in all climatic zones of the world. In light of man-made aspects of climate change, the natural phenomena of ice is gradually becoming an issue of global politics -- a common heritage of humankind -- affecting societal life in dramatic ways on a global scale. The 6th NRF Open Assembly will focus on the interrelationships of human and environmental dimensions of ice in a global context, and particularly in the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the Himalaya. The discussions are expected to highlight the role of research, the social relevance of science, and community in addressing these issues globally.


For further information on the thematic program, please visit: 


Funding Eligibility
Young researchers and professionals who have passed their MA and plan to complete a doctoral degree or have recently completed a doctoral degree, are eligible to receive full or partial travel funding from the NRF in order to participate in the 6th NRF Open Assembly in Oslo and Kirkenes, Norway, 24-27 October 2010.


Eligibility Criteria

  * Anyone who has completed a Master's degree in the past 2-3 years and has plans to complete a doctoral degree
  * Current terminal degree students (e.g., PhD, J.D.)
  * Post doctoral students/professionals (up to 5 years past terminal degree completion)

Application Process
If interested, please apply by filling out the online application form on the NRF web site,, on or before 15 March 2010.

Young Researchers 2010 Open Assembly Registration:

For specific questions and additional information, please email the NRF Secretariat,

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Northern Research Network

Submit inquiries and announcements to:

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unless it is necessary.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Melting Arctic Ice: What Satellite Images Don't See - Ice "full of holes, like Swiss cheese."

RT @Northern_Clips: Melting #Arctic Ice: What Satellite Images Don't See - TIME Ice "full of holes, like Swiss cheese.


For scientists studying the health of Arctic sea ice, satellite observations are absolutely essential for providing the big picture. It was satellites that revealed in September 2007 a record minimum ice coverage in the region — the result of a massive summer melt. And it was satellites that showed in 2008 and 2009 the modest recovery of late-summer Arctic ice that suggested to some that the specter of a totally ice-free polar ocean might be somewhat less imminent than feared.

But those high-altitude observations need occasional reality checks from scientists down on the surface. It was during one such on-the-ground research expedition last fall that David Barber, an Arctic climatologist at the University of Manitoba, got an unwelcome surprise.

Barber was aboard the Canadian research icebreaker Amundsen, checking on ice in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska and Western Canada. The ship was well inside a region the satellites said should be choked with thick, multiyear-old ice. "That's pretty much a no-go zone for an icebreaker of the Amundsen's size," says Barber. But the ship kept going, at a brisk 13 knots — its top speed in open water is 13.7 knots — and even when it finally reached thick ice, he says, "we could still penetrate it easily."

In short, as Barber and his colleagues explain in a recent paper in Geophysical Review Letters, the analysis of what the satellites were seeing was wrong. Some of what satellites identified as thick, melt-resistant multiyear ice turned out to be, in Barber's words, "full of holes, like Swiss cheese. We haven't seen this sort of thing before."

Jail sought for Inuk who attempted to buy gun from an undercover cop on Facebook

RT @Northern_Clips: Jail sought for #Inuit man who attempted to buy gun from an undercover cop on Facebook wanted to look cool.

Kenneth Peter MacWatt who assaulted a 61-year-old disabled Inuvik NWT woman gets 12 years & declared a long-term offender

January 26, 2010
RT @Northern_Clips: Kenneth Peter MacWatt who assaulted a 61-year-old disabled #Inuvik #NWT woman gets 12 years & declared a long-term offender

"Investing In Nunavut" Video - Forum on Uranium with Peter Taptuna, Deputy Premier & Minister Responsible for Mines

"...Video presentations by the Honourable Peter Taptuna, Mr. Coffin and Larry Connell, can be viewed, and linked from the website..."

From: Forum Uranium <>
Date: 2010/1/28

Subject: Video - Forum Uranium - "Investing In Nunavut"

Forum Uranium Invites you to view the video presentation of "Investing In Nunavut"
( )


Recently, Forum Uranium participated in the "Investing in Nunavut" Event in Vancouver. We would like to invite shareholders and investors to view the highlights, benefits and opportunities the territory offers. was in attendance; their coverage of the
event along with video of the presentations can be viewed, and linked from their website:

Article with video links: ( )

The Honourable Peter Taptuna, Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Mines, Nunavut presented on the vast under-explored potential of the territory and the community support that companies have for mineral exploration and development projects.

David Coffin, Editor of Hard Rock Analyst, commented that Nunavut is
one of the only areas left in the world that offers district scale
exploration potential.

From Agnico-Eagle Ltd, Larry Connell, Corporate Director of Sustainable Development highlighted their success at the Meadowbank Gold Mine which will become the largest mine in Nunavut.

Video presentations by the Honourable Peter Taptuna, Mr. Coffin and Larry Connell, can be viewed, and linked from the website:

Article with video links: ( )

Forums' North Thelon Project, Nunavut

Ukaliq Project Area
Forum's 2009 summer exploration activities have identified uranium values grading from 1544ppm U3O8 to 2.21% U3O8.

Nutaaq Project Area
Approximately 900 grab samples were collected over the North Thelon Project during uranium exploration conducted by Forum in 2007 and 2008. Of the 255 samples collected in the Nutaaq area, 155 samples grade from 0.1% to 3.8% total rare earth oxides (TREO). The Ukaliq and Nutaaq projects are centrally located nearby the 134 Milion pound Kiggavik uranium mine development project which is currently under feasibility; permitting and environmental assessment by Areva Resources Canada Inc. Forum is anticipating a busy summer program following up this exciting exploration.

About Forum Uranium
Forum Uranium Corp. is a Canadian-based energy company with a focus on the acquisition, exploration and development of Canadian uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan and the Thelon Basin, Nunavut. Forum has assembled a highly experienced team of exploration professionals with a track record of mine discoveries for unconformity-style deposits in Canada. The Company has a strategy to discover near surface uranium deposits nearby existing infrastructure by exploring on its 100% owned properties and through strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

For further information contact:

Mark Prosser
Corporate Communications

910-475 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 2B3

Tel: 604-638-3947
Fax: 604-689-3609