Thursday, 14 January 2010

Arctic gas lines: Adversaries or teammates?

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"... In the decades-long quest to tap Alaska's vast natural gas reserves, it has been easy for residents to forget their state is not the only petroleum province with big pipeline proposals. Alaska's neighbor -- Canada's Northwest Territories -- also has a multibillion-dollar proposal to develop its Arctic gas holdings, and that project has the potential to delay Alaska's pipeline plans.

Known as the Mackenzie Valley gas project, this $16 billion Canadian proposal enjoyed a boost last month after a government panel offered it a favorable review. While the Mackenzie line is far from a sure thing, with many hurdles yet to clear, some argue it has a better chance of moving forward before an Alaska pipeline.

"It's unlikely (an Alaska project and Mackenzie pipeline) could be constructed at the same time because of resource limitations on labor and other things," said David MacDowell, a spokesman for Denali, a partnership between BP and Conoco Phillips pursuing an Alaska pipeline...."

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