Saturday, 12 March 2011

LIVE WEBCAST: Crazy Yukon ritual to end winter "Burning Away the Winter Blues"

How we celebrate winter's end:

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From: Arlin McFarlane
Date: 12 March 2011 17:51
Subject: Crazy northern ritual to end winter - please forward EVERYWHERE

Ok, it's time to let go of WINTER and we know how to do it in Whitehorse AND not only are you invited, participating is possible from your own armchair.

On March 19, starting at 8:30 Pacific Time, we have an event called Burning Away the Winter Blues. It is a torch lit procession that snakes along the Yukon River to Robert Service Campground where we have a HUGE bonfire. Usually around 350 come.

We create a giant effigy that represents the winter blues and we send it up in smoke along with hundreds of slips of paper on which people have written their blues.

And you can come along because we LIVE WEBCAST the event. The image may be grainy and we may sometimes lose sound but that doesn't stop us from broadcasting without any power or any cable connections.

I won't be hosting because I'm organizing the event, but you'll likely see me.

If you've got blues you can either send them to me and I'll burn them. Too sensitive - post them in an envelope that says do not open (but send it fast), OR, you can text them in on the night and well scroll them onto a piece of paper and burn them right up.

We're passionate about symbolic action here and I'll tell you, we're in a -30 cold spell and we're ready to burn away those winter blues.

Tune in, the event starts at 8:30; the procession 9:00; the effigy burns around 9:30. Set the computer up beside whatever you do on a Saturday night in your time zone, get a beer, and come visit the north. 

Check out our website

Hope to see you!!

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