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"Qimmit: A Clash of Two Truths" video screens in Toronto at ReelWorld

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From Clyde River, NU, Piksuk Media's most recent feature documentary,
"QIMMIT: A CLASH OF TWO TRUTHS" will be screened in Toronto, at the
ReelWorld Film festival.  After festival runs from Russia and Norway
to the US, and in many places across Canada, the film will soon be
officially released by the NFB. You'll see the ReelWorld festival
write-up below.

The festival events are happening at the Canada Square Cineplex, on
Yonge near Eglington.  Qimmit screens on Friday April 8 at
12:30 pm and one on Saturday April 9 at 8 pm.


To be perfectly honest, when I heard the film was about Inuit sleigh
dogs, I sort of rolled my eyes. "Here's another hour of my life I'll
never get back."

Boy was I wrong.

Continuing the long tradition of excellence the National Film Board of
Canada has rightfully earned, this film is absolutely fascinating.
It's the story about an ongoing historical conflict between the Inuit
and white RCMP officers. RCMP officers were accused of slaughtering
20,000 Inuit sleigh dogs – in order to basically destroy their way of
life and facilitate assimilation into mainstream Canadian culture.
This film is as much a legal drama as it is a horrifying account of
Inuit-Canadian history.

I think my favourite part about the film is that it never gets overly
didactic one way or the other. While the instinct in documentaries
like this is often to side for the underdog – and subsequently vilify
the RCMP – I feel this film does a balanced job of providing empathy
for the heartbreaking accounts by the Inuit, while still leaving room
to understand the intellectual position of the police. This
documentary feature is a tender and erudite look at one of the most
controversial conflicts in Canada today.

See film clips and more festival info at

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