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Yellowknife: Social media campaign report

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Yellowknife: Social media campaign report

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By George Lessard (Yellowknife, N.W.T.)

george-52.jpgYesterday's Tweet of the Day?

RT @nwtdennis: @Tuktoyaktuk From our platform: "We will prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)." In #NWT too.

I picked it as "Tweet of the Day" because NorthWestel's billing rates have been a big topic on the internet and Twitter over the last few weeks, not just in the N.W.T., but in Nunavut and the Yukon too and because @nwtdennis was having a dialogue with constituent @Tuktoyaktuk  and that's what Twitter is for.

On Facebook today, Dennis Bevington (NDP) said, "I will be working hard to attend all of the candidates' forums this campaign. However, sometimes weather or transportation issues (plane issues, flat tires) make it hard to get around the N.W.T. I have only had one weather incident, but fortunately it turned into a good extended visit in Fort Good Hope."

Dennis's Facebook page has 236 likes, up from yesterday's 235 likes; on his personal page he has 1,403 friends, up from 1,388 two days ago. The N.W.T. New Democrats' page has 335 likes today up from 205 likes on Monday.

On Twitter, @nwtdennis posted only seven Tweets today, but then he did tell us he was on the road to Behchoko this morning ... and we all know how poor the cell service is on the highway between Yellowknife and Behchoko...

@nwtdennis's Klout score is now 34, up from yesterday's 32 and now has 73 followers, up from 67 yesterday.

On the "Sandy Lee for Western Arctic MP" Facebook page John Curran, N.W.T. campaign director, and Terry Halifax, Beaufort-Delta campaign committee seem to be the only people (other than Victor Choi & Mark Johnson) of the 61 (56 yesterday) members that post anything to the page...

A really professional PR job John... too bad so few of Sandy's supporters seem to be inclined to post anything...

Does Sandy know how to post on Facebook yet? Oh, that's right sorry John. I see from the members' list that she's not a member of her own page and I cannot give any stats on the number of friends she has on Facebook because I can't find her account. Does she have one? Can anyone tell me?

On Twitter, I see @nwtsandylee posted 18 times since her account opened and has 27 followers. Two postings since yesterday but her Klout score is 32 today, up from 30 yesterday.

Just a tip Sandy... if you learn how and why you need to use #CPC, #NWT, #YZF #CdnPoli and #elxn41 hashtags in your Tweets, you might get your message out to more folks on Twitter and more of your potential voters might find them.

Joe Handly, our ex-premier and erstwhile bridge-building Liberal candidate has sent out 10 Tweets since yesterday... Way to go Joe! But Joe... I see you used #nwt #cdnpoli #elxn41 Hashtags in one message today. Even with an increase of 17 followers since yesterday, maybe you'd get more followers if you used them in every message?

Anyway you've still got a pretty good Klout score of 33, even if it hasn't changed in a while.

Joe has 41 likes on his Facebook page today, up a whopping five from Monday! Funny there are no friends listed... just likes... It looks like a personal account.... but unlike all my friends... it does not show any friends... just 41 likes.

So I can't tell you how many friends Joe has on Facebook because the two pages he's associated with do not display their members.

Joe's Western Arctic Liberal Association Organization Facebook page has 209 likes, up from 205 likes on Monday.

Eli Purchase's (Green) 97 followers have been treated to his 235 Tweets since he opened his account.

On Facebook Eli, like Joe, has a page with no friends, just likes ... and he just hit his 50th!

@nwteli often uses his Tweets to tell his followers about his blog and YouTube.

And with a Klout score now at 41, up from a 39 yesterday, you seem to be doing a great job at using social media and you have today's highest Klout score of all Western Arctic candidates. I guess that comes from the ongoing conversations you have with you followers/supporters.

Way to get your message out Eli!

Still no word on Bonnie Dawson, Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada candidate getting a Twitter account. If anyone finds one for her, please let me know.

On Twitter I'm @Northern_Clips.

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