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The Northwest Territories and the riding of Western Arctic are one in the same. At 1,140,835 square kilometres in size and with 33 official communities and/or First Nations it would be impossible for me, living in Yellowknife to travel to them all and get any kind of fair sampling of the voters' opinions and views on the candidates and issues in this election without using the internet, social media, Skype and Mr Bell's telephone.

So I will gather as many voices of what folks in Yellowknife have to say about the issues, candidates and the election… while at the same time striving to connect with people in our many communities.

I'm not much of a writer, but will try and give you a running commentary of how it goes and  will try to gather, harvest and aggregate as much opinion and commentary as I can by monitoring Twitter, Facebook, local blogs and websites and post excerpts and links here so that you can track what's being said and thought about here in the NWT.

Towards this objective, I've begun to put out calls via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail to the voters of the NWT to get in touch with me so I can let them be heard.

I've also started canvassing Yellowknife voters and will bring you videos of what they have to say.

I've set up a special temporary e-mail address for those interested in speaking out.
I can also be contacted via Twitter
and Facebook
Please pass it on to any NWT resident you think might be interested.

I'm thinking that this should be very interesting… and have come to realize that I will be experiencing many of the same trials and troubles that our four candidates will have in their quest for the vote.

Here are the candidates in NWT's Wester Arctic riding and what contact information I've been able to find so far. (In alphabetical order) I will update this information when I get it.

Bevington, Dennis
New Democratic Party (incumbent)
 867-873-VOTE (8683)
Campaign Office
Roman Empire Building
5103 51st Street
Yellowknife, NT Joined Twitter: Sun Apr 03 20:27:05 +0000 2011

Dawson, Bonnie
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada
So far I've only found her party website

Handley, Joe
Liberal Party of Canada
Campaign Headquarters
4905-48th St. Yellowknife between Choice Video and Visual Effects
(No specific phone number or e-mail address yet) Joined Twitter: Sat Mar 26 06:00:43 +0000 2011

Lee, Sandy
Conservative Party of Canada
Campaign Headquarters
As of 2011-04-09 I've not found them, I will update this information as soon as I get it. Likewise I've not found a website, Facebook page, e-mail address or phone number yet.
I have found this page of Sandy Lee on the CPC website here Joined Twitter: Tue Mar 22 06:58:04 +0000 2011

Purchase, Eli
Green Party of Canada
Campaign Office
19 Burwash Drive, Yellowknife Joined Twitter: Wed Mar 16 23:34:29 +0000 2011

Below you'll find my first efforts in this… and I'll try to update this blog as often as I can.
They are organized in the order that I came across them.


RT @tuktoyaktuk: @nwtdennis @JoeHandleyNWT @nwteli What is your position on the Internet in the NWT? #votenet #elxn41

RT @Northern_Clips: #NWT #CPC  #elxn41 #cdnpoli @nwtsandylee What's your URL, where's your campaign headquarters and what's your e-mail address please?

RT @Northern_Clips: #elxn41 #cdnpoli Bonnie Dawson of Hay River #AAEVPC #NWT candidate  - Google Search

RT @Northern_Clips: #elxn41 #cdnpoli Bonnie Dawson of Hay River #NWT candidate of the #AAEVPC Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada see and

RT @Northern_Clips: #cdnpoli #elxn41 #NWT #Green RT @nwteli: Day 8


RT @Northern_Clips: #NWT #elxn41 #cdnpoli RT @EclecticBlogs: Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada: did anyone know they existed in Canada let alone the NWT?

RT @Northern_Clips: #NWT #Green #elxn41 #cdnpoli RT @nwteli:  11th hour negotiations leading to a compromise, ohhhhhhh thats how you keep a government running! 

RT @Northern_Clips: #NWT #yzf #Green #elxn41 #cdnpoli RT @nwteli: Yellowknife again tomorrow, learned a lot here in Hay River!

RT @Northern_Clips: #elxn41 #cdnpoli #NWT Western "Artic" Liberals Website corrects spelling of #Arctic

Via Facebook at 2011-04-09 00:53
Christina Dawn Monroe says..
"it is one of those annoying things can't get the old guy to change his phone number sigh

fyi thanks for noticing the header issue it was set up by lpc and i have horrible dyslexia and no one had ever said anything to me prior to your posting"

Via Facebook at 2011-04-09 00:40:
Christina Dawn Monroe says..
"Handley website
Had issues with Joe's website it will be up and running Monday. Western Arctic Liberal site is "

"western arctic liberal phone number
Our riding association president Peter Guther is from Norman Wells he has had the same cell phone number prior to the NWT having cell service it is his personal # so it is an alberta number"

RT @nwteli: I will be taking part in slutwalk YK tomorrow #yzf #slutwalk #elxn41 #cdnpoli #Green

#cdnpoli #elxn41 #YZF #NWT @JoeHandleyNWT  When will you have anything on  ?

RT @JoeHandleyNWT: Time to get some sleep have an early day tomorrow.

#cdnpoli #elxn41 Animal rights activist fifth #NWT candidate in federal election

 #elxn41 #NWT #cdnpoli Joe Handley, Liberal, Western Arctic websites?

@CBCNorth FYI there are FOUR northern citizen bloggers Larissa Geraghty Igloolik - Aaron M. Lloyd Iqaluit - Doug Rutherford Whitehorse @dougrutherford and myself

RT @CBCNorth: Meet our #elxn41 citizen bloggers, including 3 in the North! (via @CBCCommunity) #nwt #nunavut #yukon #yzf #yxy #yfb

RT @CBCNorth: VIDEO: N.W.T. 'non-voters' won't cast federal ballots

RT @CBCNorth: #NWT Roland also announces that Michael Miltenberger will continue to be health minister, well as keep seniors and disabilities portfolios

RT @CBCNorth: #NWT premier Floyd Roland announces that he'll take over as minister resp. for status of women, which was Sandy Lee's portfolio before

RT @CBCNorth: Mackenzie River ice bridge set to close

RT @CBCNorth: As the Mackenzie ice crossing gets set to close this wknd, catch our TV report from Mar 31 on "last ice road" #nwt #yzf

RT @joehandleynwt: Had a wonderful day in Inuvik meeting with people looking forward to tomorrow!

RT @northern_clips: #elxn41 #cdnpoli #NWT #CPC Has anyone found candidate Sandy Lee's website yet? I'd like to see it... Is she on Twitter? I hear she's on Facebook... but my searches turn up many people called "Sandy Lee" but so far, none of them in Yellowknife. Can anyone help?

RT @northern_clips: #cdnpoli #elxn41 #Arctic #Yukon #NWT #Nunavut - Your Take: Meet the team - Canada Votes 2011 - #CBCNews North Doug Rutherford, Whitehorse; George Lessard, NWT; Aaron M. Lloyd & Larissa Geraghty, Nunavut

RT @yakutia: @Northern_Clips is like the Arctic news watchdog and the best one. Glad to follow him! #ff #followfriday

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