Thursday, 14 April 2011

Vote for the internet

"It's important that we elect an MP willing to fight for our right to affordable, accessible, and open internet someone who will work towards a comprehensive national internet strategy that is in the best interest of citizens, not big business..."
Vote for the internet


Forget the gun registry.

Forget Afghanistan and Libya (most Canadians already have, after all).

The hot button issue of this election is the internet in Canada. Or, rather, the relative lack thereof.

This is particularly true in the Yukon, where we suffer from the very worst of Canada's very bad situation.

The internet in Canada is, simply put, too expensive and too crappy when compared to other developed nations.

Canadians are falling behind other nations in our ability to afford and effectively access information online.

Our access to the internet is controlled by a small group of companies with competing interests such as cable television and traditional telephone services.

Again, this is particularly true in the Yukon. (AND the NWT & Nunavut)

There is growing concern amongst Canadians about this.

This election is about changing that.

It's about making the internet more affordable and the means of how it is provided to us, more transparent. It's about removing the threat of big business and ensuring that our connection to the world remains neutral and open...."

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