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2011-04-10 #NWT #elxn41 #cdnpoli


RT @Northern_Clips: #NWT #elxn41 #cdnpoli #AAEVPC YouTube - Bonnie Dawson, Animal Alliance Environment Voters party candidate see also and

RT @Northern_Clips: #CdnPoli #elxn41 #NWT #Yukon #Nunavut #NWTel RT @billhillier: NDP platform calls for end to the "Pay per Click… (cont)

RT @Northern_Clips: @katewerk FYI Yes indeed, in the #NWT @nwtdennis has won a majority of votes... twice and is current incumbent

RT @katewerk: Majority country! RT @Northern_Clips #NDP #NWT #CdnPoli #elxn41 NWT New Democrats Political Party page on Facebook currently has 284 likes

RT @Northern_Clips: #Liberal #CdnPoli #elxn41 #NWT currently still has nothing on it, literally

RT @Northern_Clips: #Liberal #NWT #CdnPoli #elxn41 Western Arctic Liberal Association Organization page currently has 205 likes

RT @Northern_Clips: #NDP #NWT #CdnPoli #elxn41 NWT New Democrats Political Party page on Facebook currently has 284 likes

RT @Northern_Clips: #CdnPoli #elxn41 #NWT #NDP Dennis Bevington @nwtdennis"s Facebook page currently has 235 likes

RT @Northern_Clips: #CdnPoli #elxn41 #NWT #Green Currently, @nwteli Eli Purchase's Facebook page has 45 likesFacebook

RT @Northern_Clips: #CdnPoli #elxn41 #NWT #NDP Currently, @nwtdennis Dennis Bevington has 1388 friends on Facebook

RT @Northern_Clips: #elxn41 #CdnPoli #NWT #Liberal @JoeHandleyNWT  Facebook page currently has 36 likes

RT @Northern_Clips: #elxn41 #NWT #elxn41 #CPC @nwtsandylee "Sandy Lee for Western Arctic MP" group on Facebook currently has 55 members

Via Facebook: John Curran says "Sandy Lee will be in the Beaufort-Delta starting Monday morning"

RT @JoeHandleyNWT: How Canadian: NHL trumps debate date - Canada Votes 2011 - CBC News

YouTube - Eli Purchase @nwteli Green Party Candidate in NWT's Western Arctic #NWT #cdnpoli #elxn41 #Green

RT @JoeHandleyNWT: I spent yesterday in Ft McPherson and Tsiigehtchic and Inuvik, today I was in Aklavik meeting with people

RT @joehandleynwt: Been busy sorry haven't been online a lot last 2 days

#NWT #cdnpoli #elxn41 RT @YukonGale: Cdns should be outraged at any #CPC candidate that is not allowed to take part in local debates.That is not democracy. #cdnpoli #elxn41 RT @Northern_Clips: @YukonGale Where? what party? RT @YukonGale: @Northern_Clips In elxn40 many CPC candidates were told not to participate in their local debates.Heard same this time.Control, control.

RT @EclecticBlogs: @nwtsandylee thanks much. I will get the link and add it to my Links page for all candidates. #elxn41

RT @nwteli: Day 9

RT @Tuktoyaktuk: @nwtsandylee it's not always about money. and we don't need any more fake government funded welfare jobs - we need BETTER EDUCATION.

RT @nwtsandylee: @Tuktoyaktuk I stand with the PM who's investing $150M to create jobs in Tuk and INUVIK.

RT @nwtsandylee: Leaving Timmies. Great support there.  Off to lunch and more door knocking in YK.

RT @nwteli: What wonderful weather for a campaign kickoff! Come on down to 19 Burwash in YK at 6 for some BBQ and good times. Eli Purchase for the NWT!

RT @Tuktoyaktuk: "prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)" - #NDP platform ...@nwtdennis including NWT?

RT @Tuktoyaktuk: @nwtsandylee you still are part of a team and support their values. you want to stand with Jason Kenney? ...

 RT @nwtsandylee: @Tuktoyaktuk we have one seat in Ottawa we have to make it count. we need to be at the table to make our northern priorities moving forward

RT @nwtsandylee: congrats to you G Lessard on being the citizen reporter for CBC. look forward to balanced reporting from you

RT @nwtsandylee: great to have all new followers..I will be following you as soon as I get to my lap top tonight

RT @tuktoyaktuk: @nwteli thats's like 1984. from what i'm hearing from YK, @nwtsandylee has a good shot of beating @nwtdennis too. scary.

RT @nwteli: @Tuktoyaktuk open Internet?

Terry Halifax approved my request to join the group "Sandy Lee for Western Arctic MP". 11:58pm

Finally found #CPC @nwtsandylee's Facebook "Open Group" by searching in Facebook for "Sandy Lee for Western Arctic MP" but had to "Ask to Join"its 50 members


@EclecticBlogs's Western Arctic #NWT and Nunavut #cdnpoli #elxn41 Links

RT @nwtsandylee: @Tuktoyaktuk I will have to look into what happened. hope to talk/see you when I get to Tuk. Will let you know when.

RT @nwtsandylee: @EclecticBlogs we do. I will get the FB address for you.

RT @tuktoyaktuk: what about competition or regulation? @nwtsandylee: conservative party supports expansion of Internet infrastructure to remote communities.

RT @nwtsandylee: great day of knocking on doors in YK. people are so kind v

RT @tuktoyaktuk: @nwteli fault. shouldn't have lumped u in w/ the rest. maybe the net issue can set u apart. not enough young people voting, tho.

RT @nwteli: @nwtdennis thanks for bringing that up in the house Dennis!

RT @tuktoyaktuk: even Parks Canada had a satellite backup but the phone company doesn't? Time for change. Our kids have no chance in the info economy.

RT @tuktoyaktuk: final straw in the Delta last month. our entire economy came to a halt for 4 days b/c @northwestel is too cheap for a satellite backup.

RT @tuktoyaktuk: ...hopefully all the candidates will do the same and then we can debate ACTION ITEMS like a review of CRTC, gov takeover of NWTel, etc.

RT @tuktoyaktuk: ok sorry to @nwteli ...he immediately spoke up as "Pro Internet" a couple days ago when I first brought this up. #votenet

RT @nwteli: @Tuktoyaktuk sorry shouldn't have snapped like that, you're just trying to get an answer to a question and you did get my attention!

RT @nwtdennis: Here's what I said about the high cost of living in the North, including the Internet, in the HoC: #yzf #nwt

RT @nwteli: @Northern_Clips @Tuktoyaktuk how's this, I think it's absolutely rediculous that every community in the NWT doesn't have true highspeed AND RT @nwteli: @Northern_Clips @tuktoyaktuk I think the federal government should be directly subsidising it so that we all have it for a reasonable rate

RT @nwteli: @mediamentor @Tuktoyaktuk also I make my position clear on my website 4th paragraph if you don't want to read it all

RT @nwteli: @Tuktoyaktuk just signed up. I resent your insinuation that somehow I'm against an open Internet just because I hadnt had a chance to sign

#elxn41 #cdnpoli #fed2011 #CPC #NWT Finally via a Facebook message ... Sandy Lee #CPC candidate URL 

Sandy Lee Campaign headquarters
Centre Ice Plaza
480 Range Lake Road
Yellowknife, NWT
Mailing Address:
PO Box 20120
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 3X8
Phone: (867) 766-2100
Fax: (867) 766-2121

RT @Tuktoyaktuk: #NWT candidate is Pro-Internet!  @nwtdennis @nwtsandylee @JoeHandleyNWT @nwteli #votenet #elxn41

RT @Tuktoyaktuk: @nwteli @OpenMedia_ca #votenet u wont see 1 candidate criticize NWTel even though every Northerner (outside of YK and the Yukon) hates them.

RT @EclecticBlogs: New blog post:  Is It Time To Change to Proportional Representation? #elxn41 #cdnpoli #fed2011

RT @nwteli: Slutwalk was awesome, rehearsal was quick, I need a nap...

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