Tuesday, 12 April 2011

#NWT #elxn41 #SocialMedia Report for April 12, 2011

#NWT #elxn41 Social Media Report for April 12, 2011

Joe Handley, Liberal Party of Canada #LPC
Facebook page
currently has 36 likes no change from yesterday
Western Arctic Liberal Association Organization page
currently has 205 likes no change from yesterday
#Liberal #LPC Currently http://www.joe-handley.ca/ is fully up as of Monday  it was up with only a place holder since I found it on his signs

Joined Twitter: Sat Mar 26 2011
82 Following
31 Updates
33 Klout

Dennis Bevington, New Democratic Party of Canada #NDP
NWT New Democrats Political Party page on Facebook
currently has 301 likes up from 284 likes yesterday

Dennis Bevington personal page on Facebook
Currently, has 1397 friends yesterday he had 1388 friends on Facebook

Dennis Bevington Facebook page
currently has 234 likes , yesterday 235 likes
Joined Twitter: Sun Apr 03 2011
7 Following
33 Updates
32 Klout

Eli Purchase, Green Party of Canada #GPC or #Green
Currently, Eli Purchase's Facebook page has
currently 47 likes, yesterday 45
No personal page on Facebook
Blog http://nwtgreen.com/

Joined Twitter: Wed Mar 16 2011
165 Following
188 Updates
39 Klout

Sandy Lee, Conservative Party of Canada #CPC
"Sandy Lee for Western Arctic MP" group on Facebook
currently has 56 members up one from 55 members yesterday
Joined Twitter: Tue Mar 22 2011
27 Following
16 Updates
30 Klout

Bonnie Dawson, Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada #AAEVPC
has no political or personal Facebook page, just pages for her work with animals.
She has no Tweeter account
Her Blog http://giftofloki.wordpress.com

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