Saturday, 20 February 2010

Yellowknife Tenant Association’s (YTA)

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"... The YTA is currently a volunteer service that depends on volunteers who can advise each other based on their personal experience, we meet once a week, Sundays 3-6pm at the After * Billiard Hall, however it is a primary mandate for the YTA to generate funds to support a full time Tenant Advocate, and a YTA office, to provide client services to all tenants of the City of Yellowknife.

The Yellowknife Tenant Association's (YTA) primary responsibility is to provide support services to members during dispute resolution with their landlord. We also perform many other services and responsibilities that benefit our members.

In rent alone, Yellowknife tenants contribute more than 2 million dollars a month to the City of Yellowknife economy! That is more than $25,000,000.00 a year being paid to landlords in Yellowknife, who operate, it total, more than 2,200 units in the city.

The YTA is the only source of support for tenants during disputes with their landlord and that is looking-out for the interest of tenants in the City of Yellowknife. The YTA is not only responsive to it's members needs, but takes proactive steps to create and maintain a healthy rental market in North America's Diamond Capital; Yellowknife.

The YTA is an initiative by a long time tenant in the City of Yellowknife, Bryan Sutherland, and a small group of volunteer who have had first hand experiences dealing with the regulatory system of the GNWT rental markets..

In time we hope to be an elected board and a permanent full time office that is dedicated to supporting tenants of Yellowknife during times of disagreement with their landlord, and in promoting a healthy rental environment in the NWT.

Until we are able to staff an office for the Yellowknife tenants; VOLUNTEERS will work with each other to support each other using our experiences, and the Board Members will track complaints, provide advice, and generally coordinate the efforts of the YTA to fulfill its primary mandate, to provide support services to tenants of Yellowknife in application of the, GNWT Landlord and Tenant Act. ..."

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