Thursday, 25 February 2010

Error on NNSL website - Qulliit Status of Women Council president Donna Adams???????


NNSL  photo/graphic

New Qulliit Status of Women Council president Donna Adams, at her desk, has set three main priorities for the current term, along with her fellow council members. - Darrell Greer/NNSL photo ARROW   Read more
NNSL Photo/Graphic
Young Iqaluit woman leads trek to North Pole

Iqaluit's Sarah McNair-Landry could be the youngest person to lead a trek to the North Pole.
The 23-year-old is guiding Australian couple Rob Rigato and Linda Beilhaiz on a 60-day trek to the pole.
"I am looking forward to the experience," said McNair-Landry. ARROW Continued

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