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Montreal, QC, January 29th, 2010 – Lynx Mobility Inc., Canada's cellular service provider dedicated to serving remote communities across Canada, and Nunacell Inc., subsidiary of Makivik Corporation are proud to announce a new partnership providing cellular services in Kuujjuaq. The announcement was made at the Northern Lights Tradeshow and Conference by Lynx Mobility's Benoit Fleury and Makivik Corporation's VP for Economic Development, Michael Gordon following the successful commercial launch of the service in Kuujjuaq a week ago.
The new service will be administered by Nunacell, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Makivik Corporation which has its headquarters in Kuujjuaq. Subscribers to the service benefit from prepaid local and long distance voice calls as well as text messaging. In addition to enjoying mobile connectivity in and around the community, customers in Kuujjuaq are also able to "roam" with their Lynx Mobility phones on other carriers' networks throughout Canada.
Kuujjuaq is Nunavik's largest community with a population of approximately 2,500 and is located on the west shore of the Koksoak River, about 50 kilometres upstream from Ungava Bay. With its two airstrips, Kuujjuaq is both the regional transportation hub as well as the administrative center of Nunavik and boasts a wide range of amenities. 
 "We are delighted to announce the introduction of mobile communications in Kuujjuaq,"  explained Michael Gordon, Vice-President, Economic Development, Makivik Corporation. "We have seen a tremendous demand for access to cellular services in the community and the benefits residents stand to gain are immeasurable. Businesses will be able to operate more efficiently, keeping in touch with family and friends both near and far will be easier and most importantly, it will provide peace of mind and a lifeline in case of an emergency." 
 "We are excited to be working with Nunacell to provide cellular service to the community", added Benoit Fleury. "The response since last week's launch has been extremely positive and we look forward to bringing mobile connectivity to an increasing number of people both in Kuujjuaq and elsewhere across Canada."
About Lynx Mobility
Lynx Mobility is Canada's first national cellular service provider co-owned by an Aboriginal partner and dedicated to serving remote communities nationwide.  The company is committed to bringing reliable cellular service to those who need it most, using an innovative solution which is ideally suited for deployment in unserved areas.  Lynx's pioneering approach includes a sustainable partnership model which enables communities to generate profits and manage their own cellular service whilst creating local employment. For
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 About Nunacell
Nunacell is Makivik Corporations newest subsidiary created in 2009 to provide Nunavik residents affordable and reliable mobile telecommunications. After a successful commercial launch in Kuujjuaq, Nunacell plans to expand services in other Nunavik communities in the future. Expansion of the network will depend on prudent investment analysis and benefits to the population.  Data transfer capabilities will also be examined in the future. Nunacell Inc.'s Head office is located in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik.
About Makivik Corporation
Makivik is a not-for-profit corporation mandated to manage the heritage funds of the Inuit of Nunavik provided for in the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement. Makivik's role includes the administration and investment of these funds, and the promotion of economic growth by providing assistance for the creation of Inuit-operated businesses in Nunavik. Makivik promotes the preservation of Inuit culture and language as well as the health, welfare, relief of poverty, and education of Inuit in the communities.
Contact information:
Balgovind Pande,
Customer Services
1-888-757-LYNX (5969)
Kitty Gordon
Communications Agent
Makivik Corporation
514.745.8880 ext 215

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