Sunday, 15 November 2009

“THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE” now on "IFC on Demand" in the US!

From the New York Times' "The Week Ahead: Nov. 15 — 21"

"... At a time when fewer and fewer foreign films enjoy a theatrical release in the United States, IFC on Demand, the video-on-demand service of IFC films, is a godsend. This month [...] [an]  excellent [film] — [...] the luminous, humane Canadian drama "THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE," [is available] for the first time outside of the festival circuit.


"The Necessities of Life," set in the early 1950s, stars Natar Ungalaaq (from "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner") as Tivii, an Inuit hunter suffering from tuberculosis and forcibly removed by the Canadian authorities from his home on Baffin Island to a sanitarium in Quebec City. Away from his family, unable to communicate because of the language barrier, he falls into a deep depression from which he emerges with the help of Kaki (Paul-André Brasseur), a young orphan and fellow patient who speaks both Inuit and French. Canada's official Oscar entry last year for best foreign-language film, this beautifully acted movie, directed by Benoît Pilon, is a heart-tugging near-masterpiece...."

How to get IFC Films on demand in the US [not available in Canada]

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