Sunday, 15 November 2009

Is there an earthquake preparedness plan for Yellowknife or the NWT?

This time I was at a Francophone Arts, Culture and Education forum in a multistory concrete and steel building used as a church/apartment/college building with about 30 other folks. I thought for a moment it was snow falling off a roof... because that is what it sounded/felt like... rejected the idea because of the building type... then thought nothing of it until the Google alert from came in... then I realized that it had been an earthquake!

The first one I felt in the NWT was several years ago in Inuvik late one night when Iwas living in a three story stick-built apartment building. More than that... it was built on telephone pole sized pilings. I was on the Internet and suddenly felt drunk... when I stood up I noticed that a pot of water on the stove (and not heating) was rippling... so I did a search and found the site and discovered that Inuvik was in an earthquake zone... That building whould have been destroyed in an instant had the quake been any larger. Then i tried to find out if, as in other earthquake zones, the gas connections to all those buildings in Inuvik had automatic, quake sensitive, shut-off valves to stop gas from causing earthquake damaged buildings from blowing up... asked a guy installing the pipes.. he didn't know anthing about it. I still don't know.

The first time I ever felt an earthquake was at my parents house in the Laurentians north of Montreal... also an earthquake zone...

Ever since the one in Inuvik I've been trying to get the local media to report on the state of earthquake preparedness in the Territory by sending reports to them when I see them. (There is none that I've eaver heard of) It should be interesting to see the what the local media reports on it this week as the epicentre was only a few clicks from Yellowknife.

I'd hate to hear of deaths in the territory caused by lack of planning for the aftermath of an earthquake because back when I was in Iuvik I found out that even local media did not have any plans in case of an earthquake. Hello CBC are you listening? And that's not hard... see EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST FOR MEDIA

When will we see / hear something on earthquake preparedness fron the GNWT?
See "Before an earthquake: Home preparedness checklist"

See also
Rock and Roll in the N.W.T.: The 1985 Nahanni Earthquakes
A remarkable and unprecedented sequence of earthquakes is shaking the mountains west of Fort Simpson in the Northwest Territories. A magnitude 6.6 earthquake on October 5, 1985, and an even larger magnitude 6.9 event on December 23, 1985 disturbed the beautiful and mysterious Nahanni region of the Mackenzie Mountains. Between these earthquakes, and still continuing today, a long succession of aftershocks rumble and jolt the area.

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