Thursday, 19 November 2009

Follow the Trail by Nadine Lamoureux and Lynne S. Rollin of Arviat, Nunavut

Follow the Trail

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, November 18, 2009


ARVIAT - A book of stunning photography and illuminating text on the beauty of Arviat will be released later this month by Nadine Lamoureux and Lynne S. Rollin.

NNSL photo/graphic
Follow the Trail is a new book on the beauty of Arviat which will be available later this month. Lynne S. Rollin (inset) has lived in Arviat for the past 25 years. - photo courtesy of Nadine Lamoureux

The book, Follow the Trail, depicts life in Arviat through photos of people, landscapes, animals and birds.

Lamoureux hails from a small community south of Winnipeg.

She visited Arviat during the summer of 1997 and returned to stay a few months later.

Lamoureux joined the staff at the Catholic Mission and the Mikilaaq Centre, where she became a Jack-of-all-trades. She managed to combine work with studies, and eventually realized her dream of becoming a photographer.

She's shared her talents and knowledge through workshops and classes offered at the Mikilaaq Centre and a local school.

Lamoureux designed the pair's first calendar in 2007, with two more to follow.

The release of Follow the Trail will be a dream come true for her in many ways.

She said the book captures the beauty of simple, everyday life in Arviat.

"The photos are very recent, with most coming from the past year and others from a year or two before that," said Lamoureux.

"It's not a historical book of Arviat, but a fresh look at life in our community.

"Lynne's been here for 25 years and I've been here for 12, so she does write about her stories on the land and different ways we've experienced Arviat.

"With Lynne being here so long, some of the stories do go back a ways, but the photos are new."

Lamoureux said she won't be totally relieved over the book's completion until she sees the final product.

She said the point of the book is to show Arviat's beauty, and she will be proud to accomplish that.

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