Saturday, 23 October 2010

American Indian (includes Inuit) Film Gallery Free to watch & download

American Indian Film Gallery
- Saturday,  23 October 2010, 09:32 am
This is an update on progress at the AMERICAN INDIAN FILM GALLERY
( ). The AIFG, a project of MacDonald & Associates,
seeks to enhance the study of American Indian civilization through the
onlining of vintage films about Native American life from the Arctic to
Cape Horn. The films are totally free to view and download.

At this juncture, the AIFG website offers 290 movies presenting
perspectives on 102 different tribes. Plus, we have another 120 films
waiting to be placed online.

But, we are always seeking additional movies to add to the project. If your
archive or library has relevant motion pictures that you would like to add
to the AIFG, please contact me directly at

J. Fred MacDonald
MacDonald & Associates



The Caribou Hunters: Canadian Indians survive by hunting caribou in Northern Manitoba (1951)

A Dog's Life in the North Woods: reliance of Cree trapper on his dogs for hunting success and for survival (1948))

Fur Country: Indians trapper interacts with nature and Hudson's Bay Company in Northern Canada (1941)


Angotee: follows life of a boy in the Eastern Arctic (1954)

Arctic Environment: naturalist photographer Herman Kitchen captures the world of the Arctic in the summer (1970s)

Arctic Seal Hunt: hunt for seal meat. (1955)

Canadian Photographer: Doug Wilkinson lives for 14 months with Eskimos in Canada

Eskimos: native life north of Nome, Alaska—as seen on TV series, Bold Journey

Eskimo Children: Eskimo of Nunivak Island (1941)

Eskimo Arts and Crafts: craft activities of the Inuit of Baffin Island (1947)

Eskimo Summer: essential summer activities Inuit groups that live apart from settlements in Canada and USA (1947)

Eskimo Hunters: (Northwestern Alaska): from The World and Its People series Produced by Louis de Rochemont (1949)

Eskimo Walrus Hunt: Eskimo hunters in kayaks search for walrus in the early 1930s

Eskimos—Winter in Western Alaska: 1950

Frontiers of the North (Parts 1 and 2): the Canadian Government Arctic Expedition begins to organize the Northwest Territories and encounters realities of its natives and wild animals in 1922

Giant of the North: installment of Primitive Peoples series (1951)

How to Build an Igloo: Eskimo shows how to construct an ice home (1949)

Land of the Long Day: Inuit life on Baffin Island during the changing seasons (1952)

Nanook of the North: celebrated early documentary from documentary pioneer Robert Flaherty explores the rugged life of Eskimos (1922)

Northward to Nome: Sullivan Richardson adventure film in Alaska (1948)

Northward to Nome Outtakes: unused footage from Sullivan Richardson's visit to Kotsebue and Nome, Alaska in late 1940s

North West Frontier: study of Indians, Eskimos, and whites living together and interacting in settlements in Canada's Northwest Territories (1941)

Ramparts of Two Worlds: hunting and daily activities of Eskimos of Little Diomede Island in Alaska (1940)

We Lived with the Eskimos: Seattle couple learns to survive in Northern Alaska by living with Eskimos—as seen on TV series, Bold Journey

m Kotzebue 1: interviews about old customs and skills

m Kotzebue 2: more discussion of old skills, especially leather work

m Kotzebue 3: discussion of the old ways concluded

m Kotzebue 4: discuss the Historical Preservation Project and Eskimo past

m Kotzebue 5: Eskimo Olympics festivities

m Kotzebue 6: interview and more July 4 festivities

m Kotzebue 7: blanket toss and dancing at festivities

m Kotzebue 8: scenes of everyday life