Sunday, 29 August 2010

Polar Law Textbook; a free pdf download

RT @Northern_Clips: Polar Law Textbook — Nordic cooperation
free 245 page PDF #Arctic ISBN 978-92-893-2056-6

Polar Law Textbook
Edited By: Natalia Loukacheva
Nordic Council of Ministers

A Polar Law Textbook has been published by the Nordic Council of
Ministers, which endorsed the Polar Law Textbook project under the
Arctic Cooperation Program. Chapters in the textbook generally follow
materials from the polar law program offered at the University of

The idea for the Polar Law Textbook was developed from the recognition
of the need to disseminate information about polar law as an emerging
field of legal studies, an area of study long overdue greater
recognition. Developments in the polar regions are now the subject of
growing interest and importance. They concern a divergent range of
global and regional development issues and beg further inquiry into the
role of law in dealing with many of these issues. The Polar Law Textbook
attempts to illustrate the importance of legal values in addressing
various challenges across the Nordic region, among remote arctic
communities as well as globally. The topics of the Polar Law Textbook
include various developments in international and domestic law
concerning the polar regions (e.g., issues of environmental law, law of
the sea, resources, human rights law, Indigenous peoples' rights). By
looking at linkages between different areas of law and the other social
sciences, the textbook also explores the relevant aspects of the
economic, social, and political developments affecting the poles.

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