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Aboriginal Broadband Development in the Canadian North - Interview Sources Sought

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Seeking Interview Sources: Aboriginal Broadband Development in the Canadian North

A group of researchers working on a SSHRC-funded study about Aboriginal broadband development in Canada is looking for potential interview sources.

Dr. Susan O'Donnell (National Research Council; University of New Brunswick), Dr. Richard Smith (Simon Fraser University) and Rob McMahon (SFU) are working on a research project for SSHRC's Knowledge Synthesis Grants on the Digital Economy program.

A primary focus of the work is to understand and develop an Aboriginal perspective on an Aboriginal Connectivity Strategy for Canada. 20 key informants working on Aboriginal connectivity issues will be interviewed, and short stories will be developed of effective practice in Aboriginal communities. This interview data will be accompanied with a literature review, and the resulting report will be discussed with INAC staff (and potentially Aboriginal partners) working on Aboriginal Connectivity Strategy. We are particularly interested to learn about broadband and information and communication technology (ICT) projects in Aboriginal communities in the North and Far North.

If you have any suggestions of individuals and/or organizations to contact as potential interview subjects, any community-based broadband or ICT project that could be profiled, or any research reports or publications on this topic that should be reviewed, please contact Rob McMahon at:

Many thanks for your assistance with this project.

Rob McMahon
Doctoral Candidate, School of Communications
Simon Fraser University

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