Sunday, 28 June 2009

Yellowknife Online A Community Blog for Yellowknife…

"... YkOnline is a blog/site about all things Yellowknife. In short it has
reviews, opinions, interviews, rants, photos, news, events, and more. The
aim of this site is to provide you, the reader with interesting
articles/posts about this great northern town we live in. Granted not all
the articles will be positive but the idea is to get opinions out there
for discussion.

The man behind this site would be me, Kyle. This is the third blog of my
own I run. One day I was drifting threw my old posts on my personal blog
and realized that Yellowknife was a hot topic on my mind. Always thinking
of different ventures to try, a day later YkOnline ca was born. It has
been my fastest growing website and being one of Yellowknife's Social
Media Gurus I couldn't be more happy to see the interest the site is

But I cannot do this alone! The aim of the site is to have a post/article
published once a day but there is no way I can do that by myself. This is
where you come in. If you have something to say about Yellowknife, a
review, a picture post, an opinion, an interview, a events you covered,
etc. Go to the Contact page and send me an e-mail and I will get in
contact with you about Guest Posting. If you write frequently or want to
be a contributor to the site we can talk about making you an official
author on the site with your own profile...."

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