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Inuktitut / Inuttut / Inuktitut Syllabics / Inuktitut Syllabarium

Inuktitut / Inuttut / Inuktitut Syllabics

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Inuktitut Syllabarium

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Inuktitut Keyboards are available

Languages of belonging to what linguists call the "Eskimo-Aleut" family
are spoken in a territory that spreads across arctic North America. The
Inuktitut/Inuvialuktun language of Eastern Canada can be written in either
a Syllabic or Roman orthography. The rest of the languages use the Roman
orthography alone. Aleut and some Yupik languages also employ a Cyrillic
system, historically in Alaska and currently across the Bering Strait in

Some of these languages have a relatively newly developed "practical
alphabet" which differs significantly from the orthography commonly used
by linguists. Also, different dialects of the same language may utilise
unique characters. Where possible and applicable, several keyboards will
be available for each language. For more details, see the keyboard maps or
language pages.

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