Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New Frozen Eyes Photographic Society Website

New Frozen Eyes Photographic Society Website, we just call ourselves FEPS.

In 2007 a group of Yellowknife artists developed a photography mentorship program for the Arctic Winter Games. With the success of the program it was decided to broaden the idea of mentoring young photographers by taking the mentorship program to communities throughout the Northwest Territories. To facilitate this effort the Frozen Eyes Photographic Society was created in the spring of 2008.

Since then FEPS has generously received funds from BHP Billiton and is beginning to implement the mentorship program. We have taught programs at the Ndilo School, the Native Women's Training Center and in June 2009 we will be attending the Open Sky Festival in Fort Simpson.

This is just the beginning, starting in the fall of 2009 well will be going into the more remote parts of the North and teaching the photography programs. The hope is that the youth will share with us their vision, and give us a glimpse of how it is for them, in their world.

The exciting part of the program is not just the photography but, it is the sharing. This is done through exhibitions that will be presented locally and with the long term goal to exhibit in Canadian metropolitans and possibly internationally.

The standard is set for success and our youth participants are up for the challenge. Being a part of the program means learning a whole range of important skills. We teach the technical and the creative side of photography as well as how to deal with people and how to keep a schedule; how to act like a professional.

Do you have a interest in photography? Would you like to have a program in your school or community? Contact us at Click Here for More Information, We look forward to hearing from you.

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