Friday, 10 June 2011

Western Arctic Moving Pictures 48 Hour Music Video Competition Winners

Western Arctic Moving Pictures 48 Hour Music Video Competition Winners

They only had 48 hours to make the magic happen.

For the third year, Western Arctic Moving Pictures Association set teams of film makers, musicians and teams of creative people loose on the city to craft a music video with strict deadlines.

Musicians and filmmakers were paired off by luck of the draw and set out to get to know their music, their abilities and create.

The results? Six great videos were made. On Monday, June 6 the audience got to see the final products at the Artists Run Community Centre in downtown Yellowknife.

For the first time, the winners and the second place team were just a point apart. Here's a list of the winners and their videos! (If you're wondering why there are seven entries posted here, the one "Opal's Left Lung" chose not to follow the conditions to enter, but prepared a piece to view).

First Place - Riel Stevenson-Burke and Ashley Green
Musicians Erebus & Terror

Take That

Second Place - Joel Maillet, Rachelle Francoeur, Arwin Landry
Musicians Priscilla's Revenge

Brakes On

Third Place - Joanna Matthews
Musicians  The Dawgwoods

The Shack

Audience Choice - Jessica Young and Jean Escalante
Musicians Dumb But Awesome

Opal's Left Lung

And other participants

Nick Walker and Samantha Hefford
Musicians Los Flacos Locos
G String Boogie

George Lessard
Musicians Booze Cruise
It's Snowing - We're Skating

Brandon Marsh
Musicians Bison Ogon

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