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URGENT: #YZF #NWT Taiga Camp leadership program for girls needs participants

FYI – if you know of any girl 11 – 17 that may be interested in a very worthwhile program.


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I am hoping through your newsletters or email list serves that you all might be able to assist Taiga Camp?? Our camp is starting next Friday and we don't have enough applicants for every session. I am hoping that you could circulate the following little blurb - whatever you can do is appreciated! Thanks


Taiga Camp ( is an NWT summer camp program designed specifically for teenage girls. We focus on leadership and environmental literacy. Our vision is 'to inspire the next generation of courageous young northern female leaders'. Our programming includes: canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, storytelling, traditional knowledge teachings, outdoor survival skills, dance, yoga, filmmaking, music, and workshops that build self esteem, healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles. At Taiga, girls are valued, respected, and challenged. We believe that in every girl is a leader and a source of inspiration. 


We currently have NOT filled 2 camp sessions that will be running out at Prelude. These sessions are being opened up to any girl age 11-17. We have bursaries still available to assist payment. 


The sessions we need to fill run: July 1 - 9 and July 23 - 30. 


Please contact us ASAP if you are interested at c. 445 9603 office.  1-888-234-4485. Or download the application from our website and fax it in today!!!!


Don't miss out on an amazing summer opportunity! 


Taiga Camp - Results that Last a Lifetime




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