Wednesday, 8 June 2011

#NWT's Premier "cautiously optimistic" about #PMHarper's infrastructure investments

Northwest Territories Premier Floyd Roland told Postmedia News he agrees with Williams and said that without key federal infrastructure investments, Canada's regions can't lift themselves up.

"The challenges that we face as a northern territory, a small population and having one seat in Ottawa, is trying to get our message in to Ottawa about the importance of investments in the North," he said.

The hydro potential along the N.W.T's rivers is substantial, Roland said, and mirrors the James Bay project — but it's unattainable without Ottawa's help.

"When you look at the potential we have, and what we can add to Canada, we're unable to tap into it with our existing resources and structures," he said.

Roland said he thanked Williams for bringing attention to the North's potential but said he's cautiously optimistic that the Conservative government is showing signs it will change that tide.

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