Sunday, 6 February 2011

Re.: Roland to take devolution deal to N.W.T. public

Roland to take devolution deal to N.W.T. public

Floyd "...will hold community meetings to explain the agreement-in-principle he signed last week...."

"Explain" he says ... not consult with or listen to to the citizens' opinions of devolution.... Hmmm doesn't sound like building a consensus to me... I thought we had "consensus" government in the NWT.

Remember, this is not the first time he uses his top down version of "consensus". Remember the "consolidation" of territorial boards? Remember the move to "reform" supplementary health benefits?

This is just another poorly executed autocratic ploy to manipulate the public rather than one to build a consensus...

I hope he decides to run in the federal election because I (as an NWT voter not from Inuvik) have never had a chance to vote against him... Oh wait a minute.. wasn't he