Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Guardian and Observer style guide error

Chris Elliott - Guardian readers' editor
Stephen Pritchard - Observer readers' editor

Dear Sirs,

In reference to:

  • Eskimo

    is a language spoken in Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Siberia. Note that it has no more words for snow than English does for rain. The people are Inuit (singular Inuk), not "Eskimos"
I am certain that a short time spent actually researching the name of the language that the Inuit of Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Siberia speak will teach you that although there are several dialects ... there is only one language... and that language is NOT called Eskimo but Inuktitut.

Please update your style guide and usage to reflect this.

Additionally... (although not an error) regarding

  • Inuit

    not Eskimos; an individual is an Inuk
One Inuk, two Inuuk, three or more Inuit..

Thank you.