Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chinese zodiac predictions for 2011 for the RABBIT - 1951

Chinese zodiac predictions for 2011 RABBIT -

You are a people person and this year you will get a lot of help from the opposite sex. Nevertheless, this is also a "rabbit" year, which requires extra effort to get anything done as rabbits tend to lack energy. Hence rabbit people must rest well, eat properly and exercise well. Workwise, people-oriented businesses, including sales and entertainment, suit you. Accounting is also a good profession. Avoid risky jobs, stock markets and gambling.

Be satisfied with your regular income and act conservative. Your wealth comes from savings.

You'll have plenty of romances this year, but you will not marry. If you are single, enjoy your romances. If you are married, be careful about extramarital relations. Pay attention to your respiratory, liver and gallbladder.

Highlights for people born in 1951 -
Be conservative in both your investments and business. Stay away from greed and speculations. Beware of accidents.