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New Publication: Franz Boas, Arctic Expedition, 1883-1884

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New Publication

Boas, Franz 2009. Arctic Expedition 1883-1884. Translated German Newspaper Accounts of My Life with the Eskimos. Edited by Norman F. Boas and Doris W. Boas and translated by Rita Terris and Thomas Huber. 66 pp.

Published by and available from Norman F. Boas, M.D., 6 Brandon Lane, Mystic, CT 06355 U.S.A., tel. 1.860.5728441, email: -Price per copy: USD $15.00 + $5.00 (U.S. postage & ins. or applicable international rate).

This publication includes two collections of popular articles that Franz Boas wrote for one of the major Berlin dailies, the liberal Berliner Tageblatt (founded in 1872), and the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, called the Staats for short (founded 1834), serving the German population in New York City and being the third largest daily in New York in the 1880s. In 1883, to obtain much needed funding for his expedition, Boas landed a commission with the Berliner Tageblatt to write a series of articles about his ensuing sojourn among the Inuit and whalers of Baffin Island for a handsome sum of 3000 Reichsmark for which his father put up the required bond. In all, he wrote 18 articles that where published between March 30, 1883 and April 27, 1885 that were mostly well placed in the Sunday edition and in some cases syndicated to other German newspapers; 16 of these articles are included in this book. The two additional articles were issued in the Staats during the winter of 1885. The articles are accompanied by maps, drawings and photos that were part of the original publications and were added by the editors.

These writings in German by Boas are now available in English for the first time and provide a deeper insight of Boas' immediate reaction to and assessment of studies with the Inuit. (Études/Inuit/Studies 8, 1, 1984: 117-120)

Other recently published works by Norman F. Boas available directly from the author (see contact above):

BOAS, Franz 2007. Eskimo Story (Written for my Children), My Arctic Expedition 1883-1884. Edited by Norman Francis Boas. Mystic, CT, Seaport Autographs Press, 56 pp.

BOAS, Norman Francis 2004. Franz Boas 1858-1942. An Illustrated Biography. Mystic, CT. Seaport Autographs Press, 321 pp.

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