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Media & Devlopment Awards and Funding Opportunities

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Subject: The Drum Beat - 539 - Awards and Funding Opportunities

The Drum Beat - Issue 539 - Awards and Funding Opportunities
April 26 2010
This issue includes:
* 17 AWARDS opportunities.
* THANKS to 2 renewed CI Associates!
* Development CLASSIFIEDS: review and/or submit.
* 9 FUNDING opportunities.
* Your PERSPECTIVE? HIV-positive people & media exposure.


From The Communication Initiative Network - where communication and media
are central to social and economic development.

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This issue of The Drum Beat includes a selective medley of awards and
funding opportunities with deadlines between April 25 and August 15 2010
and others with rolling deadlines, selected from a more complete list
summarised on The Communication Initiative (The CI) website. Details about
the prizes are in the full descriptions, including criteria, deadlines,
and previous winners. Please access the links provided below for the full

There are additional awards and funding opportunities available on The CI
Global website; please see the Awards and Funding Opportunities sections:
Funding Opportunities

If you have information about other contests, prizes, and funding
opportunities that address communication for development issues and
strategies, please send details and links to Many



1. "10 Ideas for Tomorrow's Africa" Competition
Launching a "Call for Ideas" for prospective proposals in favour of
Africa's development within the next decade. The 10 ideas selected will be
presented by their authors during 10 small-scale conferences to be held at
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Headquarters in mid-June 2010. These 10 contributions to the thinking on
Africa's future will also be published in a special issue of UNESCO's
SHSviews magazine.
Deadline: April 30 2010

2. John Humphrey Freedom Award
Presented to an organisation or individual from any country or region of
the world for exceptional achievement in the promotion of human rights and
democratic development. The award consists of a grant of CAD$30,000
(US$24,900) and a speaking tour of Canadian cities to help increase
awareness of the recipient's human rights work.
Deadline: April 30 2010

3. Stop TB Partnership/Lilly MDR-TB Partnership Journalism Award
Recognising outstanding reporting and commentary in print and on the web
that increases the public's knowledge and understanding of tuberculosis
(TB) and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) in countries affected by the
disease. The winning articles must be published between March 1 2009 and
March 31 2010 in a general circulation newspaper, magazine, or web news
Deadline: April 30 2010

4. World of Children Health, Humanitarian, and Youth Leadership Awards
Seeking to honour and bring acclaim to outstanding children's advocates
and the work they do, as well as to raise public awareness about the
issues affecting the world's children through 3 distinct awards: the
Humanitarian Award for an individual making a lifetime contribution to
children in the areas of social services, education, or humanitarian
services; the Health Award for an individual making a lifetime
contribution to children in the fields of health, medicine, or the
sciences; and the Founder's Award [2 granted] for Youth making
extraordinary contributions to the lives of other children.
Deadline: May 1 2010

5. AfriComNet Award for Excellence in HIV and AIDS Communication in
Calling for nominations for the Award for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Communication in Africa, which aim to recognise outstanding contributions
made by individuals/organisations in the field of strategic HIV/AIDS
communication and to encourage innovation and high-quality in strategic
communication in Africa.
Deadline: May 15 2010

6. m-Billionth Award South Asia
Recognising innovative practices in the field of mobile applications,
mobile content, and development across South Asia in 9 core categories.
Deadline: May 15 2010

7. International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Award
Inviting radio and television broadcasters who participated in the 2010
ICDB with programmes on the theme "All Rights All Children." Broadcasts
must have taken place on or around March 7 2010, should be for young
people, and should have been created with some aspect of youth
Deadline: June 15 2010

8. Young Hands Together for Diversity International Art Competition
Inviting children and young people between 6 to 20 years to enter artwork
on the theme "biodiversity" and what it means to young people around the
world. This competition is part of a worldwide youth education initiative
on biodiversity to provide children and young people with useful
information and help them participate in protecting, preserving, and
improving biodiversity in their communities.
Deadline: June 15 2010



We'd like to highlight two organisations:

* Commonwealth of Learning and
* Institute of Development Studies

with gratitude for their RENEWED CI Associates contributions.

Please consider joining these and other CI Associates who are helping
preserve, sustain, and advance this growing knowledge sharing and social
networking process. Many levels of participation are open!
For a full list of current CI Associates, please see:

For details and to sign up, please see: Thank you.


9. Fred L. Soper Award for Excellence in Health Literature
Recognising significant contributions to the health literature in Latin
America and the Caribbean and promoting the highest standards of research
(specifically, research that emphasises regional impact). Only articles
published in scientific journals listed in the Index Medicus or in
official Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) journals are eligible.
Preference is given to studies involving more than one discipline and to
papers related to infectious disease.
Deadline: June 15 2010

10. UNESCO International Literacy Prizes
Inviting submissions of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s Member States' projects and programmes
for the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes, which intend to reward
well-established and innovative practices documenting how literacy skills
(basic skills in reading, writing, and numeracy) contribute to
empowerment, enabling people to better direct and control their lives..
Deadline: June 15 2010

11. World Summit Youth Award
Encouraging the active participation of people under 30 years of age in
the emerging information society. The award is intended to be a global
"youth for youth" initiative for selecting and promoting best practice in
e-content and technological creativity, demonstrating young people's
potential to create digital opportunities.
Deadline: June 20 2010

12. Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award
Seeking Asia-Pacific broadcasters and producers to submit entries for this
award, which is given each year for the best television programming on a
child rights issue produced in the Asia-Pacific region.
Deadline: June 25 2010

13. Sheila McKechnie Foundation Awards
Inviting nominations of people campaigning to make a positive change in
society. The award offers custom-designed training and development
opportunities over 6 months to help awardees acquire skills and knowledge
to become more effective campaigners, including advice on how to get media
coverage, fresh ideas to boost campaign profiles, and tips on how to
influence politicians. There are a total of 8 awards, 1 of which is for
international campaigners; the remainder are for campaigners in
communities across the United Kingdom (UK).
Deadline: Midday June 28 2010

14. Plural + Video Festival Awards
Inviting youth ages 9 to 25 around the world to submit short videos
promoting harmony in diverse societies to the PLURAL+ Video Festival to be
held at the Paley Center for Media in New York City in the United States
(US). The festival will address key issues in today's youth communities,
such as migrant integration, inclusiveness, identity, diversity, human
rights, and social cohesiveness.
Deadline: June 30 2010

15. Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award
Honouring one individual or institution that has demonstrated long-term
commitment to, and outstanding leadership in, advancing democracy or
advocating human rights through peaceful means in the region. Nominations
should be made by at least 2 credible international democracy or human
rights organisations or individuals.
Deadline: June 30 2010

16. MEDEA Award
Aiming to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media
(audio, video, graphics, and animation) in education. The awards also
recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design
of media-rich learning resources.
Deadline: July 31 2010

17. AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards
Recognising outstanding reporting for a general audience and honouring
individuals (rather than institutions, publishers, or employers) for their
coverage of the sciences, engineering, and mathematics, including work
published in US newspapers, radio, television, magazine, and online media.
The Children's Science News award is open to journalists worldwide for
work distributed via any medium - print, broadcast, or online, reporting
science news for children up to age 14.
Deadline: August 1 2010



Development Classifieds - -
includes listings of jobs, consultants, requests for proposals, events,
trainings, and books, journals, and videos for sale - related to all
development issues and strategies.

All posts are free to review. See


If you are interested in posting your organisation's vacant positions,
consultancy offerings, requests for proposals, events, trainings, or
books, journals, and videos for sale, please see or just go to "Post a New:
[type of opportunity here]" on the Development Classifieds website:



18. Open Society Fellowship
Supporting idea entrepreneurs from around the world by enabling
professionals, including journalists, activists, scholars, and
practitioners, to work on projects that inspire meaningful public debate,
shape public policy, and generate intellectual ferment. The fellowship
focuses on 4 areas: National Security and the Open Society, Citizenship,
Membership and Marginalisation, Strategies and Tools for Advocacy and
Citizen Engagement, and Understanding Authoritarianism. Fellows' projects
may include books, articles, outreach for documentary films, online media,
or efforts to seed new campaigns and organisations.
Deadline: April 28 2010 and ongoing

19. Women PeaceMakers Program
Inviting 4 women from around the world who have been involved in human
rights and peacemaking efforts in their home countries to participate in a
8-week residency programme that offers women leaders an opportunity to
document, share, and build upon their unique peacemaking stories.
Deadline: June 1 2010

20. Images to Stop Tuberculosis
Promoting creation of outstanding photos depicting prevention and
treatment of tuberculosis. An international jury of photography experts
and representatives from the United Nations and other partner
organisations will select the winning photographer, who will receive
US$5,000 in prize money and a US$5,000 grant to produce photo reportage
about tuberculosis.
Deadline: July 30 2010

21. Alter-Ciné Foundation Documentary Film Grants
Offering a yearly grant to young film and video makers born and living in
Africa, Asia, and Latin America to direct a documentary film on the theme
of rights and freedoms, including social and economic rights, women's
rights, the right to culture, and artistic creation.
Deadline: August 15 2010

22. Freedom to Create Grants
Offering funding to projects that use the arts to create transformational
change in the developing world. The organisation invites applications from
those using art in its various forms to educate, build, heal, and inspire
people - from educating communities on a particular issue, to inspiring
people to change the status quo, to building capacity.
Deadline: Rolling deadline

23. Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) Fellowships
Providing fellowships for established scholars whose lives and work are
threatened in their home countries. These fellowships permit professors,
researchers, and other senior academics to find temporary refuge at
universities and colleges anywhere in the world, enabling them to pursue
their academic work and to continue to share their knowledge with
students, colleagues, and the community at large.
Deadline: Rolling deadline

24. Roma Initiatives Fellowship
Inviting proposals from Roma activists to support work on questions of
social policy, human rights protection, employment policy, culture,
education, health policy, and other topics important for the inclusion of
Roma in society. Fellows' projects and initiatives should also contribute
to advancing the goals of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005 - 2015. The
fellowships are intended primarily for individuals active in the field of
Roma rights.
Deadline: Rolling deadline

25. Civil Society Health Policy Action Fund
Inviting proposals from Southern civil society organisations for between
US$25,000 and US$30,000. This fund is open to support health
organisations, networks, and coalitions in 21 International Health
Partnership (IHP) countries over a one-year period.
Deadline: Rolling deadline

26. Global Fund for Women Grants
Supporting women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls
through small, flexible, and timely grants designed to cover operating and
project expenses.
Deadline: Rolling deadline


VOTE in our POLL on HIV Media Exposure Risks

What reception or risks do HIV-positive people in your community face when
their status is exposed in the media? (you may choose more than one;
please add clarifying comments)

* repercussions of physical danger.
* banishment.
* loss of family support.
* increased personal access to treatment.
* increased community and peer support.
* none of the above (please explain).



This issue of The Drum Beat was written by Julie Levy.


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