Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mickey Akabak from Nunavut auditions in Ottawa for CBC's Dragon's Den

CBC's Dragon's Den auditions in Ottawa
included Mickey Akabak from , #Nunavut touting golf putters, modelled after Inuit hunting harpoons

[excerpt, see URL for video]

"...Mickey Akabak came all the way from Nunavut.

"I came in on a flight light night, because the schedule didn't include Iqaluit," said Akabak.

He was demonstrating golf putters, modelled after Inuit hunting harpoons.

Though he admits golfing is not all that popular or prevalent in Canada's far north, Akabak said he learned the sport while he was a student in Ottawa.

He's effectively taken what he learned here as a student, and merged it with traditional Inuit techniques for steadiness.

"It's a harpoon technology that has been proven for millennia, since Inuit started hunting," said Akabak. "Rather than hunting seals, we're hunting for golf balls."..."