Sunday, 4 October 2009


HMCS YELLOWKNIFE is the 7th of 12 ships built in Halifax, Nova Scotia, under the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV) project of 1993.  HMCS YELLOWKNIFE is the first warship to be proudly named after the City of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She was named in the ship-launching tradition on 5th of June, 1997.


HMCS YELLOWKNIFE was officially accepted by the Navy on 16 Oct 1997.  She was then manned by her first official crew and began a series of sea readiness inspections and performance trials in Halifax. Once these inspections were complete, she embarked on the coastal transfer deployment from Halifax to Esquimalt, British Columbia.  After visiting a number of ports including Cape Canaveral, Grand Cayman Island, Panama, Peurto Vallarta and San Diego, HMCS YELLOWKNIFE entered Esquimalt, and joined Canada's Pacific Fleet.

YELLOWKNIFE was commissioned into Her Majesty's service on 18 April 1998 in a traditional ceremony in Esquimalt. She now serves proudly as part of  Maritime Operations Group Four.

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