Monday, 5 October 2009

Arctic Mark in Stanley Park

Arctic Mark in Stanley Park


Goodbye My Friends!

Yes, it's true - the time has finally come to end this blog. I haven't been using it very much for the last several months, and I feel that its time has come and gone. It's been an amazing four years since I started this blog in August, 2005, from Ulukhaktok (Holman), Northwest Territories, Canada. In June, 2007, I changed the name of this blog from "Arctic Mark" to "Arctic Mark in Stanley Park" upon my move to Vancouver, BC. I tried to keep it going from Vancouver, but I've just run out of steam. I have other priorities in my life now, and I just don't feel the same desire to write a regular blog, and post photos, etc. Facebook (and to a much lesser extent, Twitter) has admittedly stolen some of the thunder from the blogging experience, in my opinion. So I must bid a sad farewell to "Arctic Mark" (in this form, at least), and hope that you have enjoyed sharing my journeys with me over the last four years. I'm sure our paths will cross again...

Goodbye, and au revoir,

Arctic Mark


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