Wednesday, 1 July 2009

MAPS: Keeping NWT Water Clean within the "Managing Drinking Water in the NWT: A Preventative Framework and Strategy"

Community Public Water Supply Catchment Area Maps

As part ENR's actions towards Keeping NWT Water Clean within the "Managing Drinking Water in the NWT: A Preventative Framework and Strategy", each community's drinking water catchment area was mapped at a scale of 1:250,000. Information from Satellite imagery, 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale topographic data and the National Scale Frameworks Hydrology - Drainage Network data were used to create this new dataset. Each community's public water source intake was located using Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) community infrastructure records. For purposes of water management initiatives, municipal wastewater outflow locations have also been identified from MACA community infrastructure records. Products from this effort include the following GIS data layers

  1. Community Watersheds
  2. Community Catchments
  3. Community Water Intake
  4. Community Lagoon Outflow
These data layers can be seen in the pdf maps below, via the Spatial Data Warehouse (SDW) Watershed Management (Public) Web map or for GNWT users the layers can be used in a desktop GIS from the SDW ArcSDE data server.

This page contains all the watershed related maps that have been created for distribution.
Keep in mind while browsing these maps, that they are static in that they are only as current as their last release. For the most up to date information regarding layers of interest you can create your own map.
Go here to learn how.

There are two versions of the PDFed maps; one that uses a base layer of NTS information; the other uses a base layer of satellite imagery. The satellite imagery base files are much larger than the NTS base map files. Because of the large size of some of these files it is advisable to save a copy somewhere on your computer for your later reference. This can be accomplished by right clicking on the link and "Save Target As.." or "Save Link As..".

Mackenzie Basin Sub-Sub Basins
A map which has Mackenzie basin sub sub basins displayed by the number of communities found downstream.

Sub-Sub Basin Poster Map (6.0MB)
Sub-Sub Basin 17x22 Map (4.0MB)

Mackenzie Basin Groups Map
A map which has Mackenzie basin sub sub basins grouped together. Their groupings are done according to which communities are potentially affected. Each basin group could affect its own set of communities.

Basin Groups Poster Map (6.0MB)
Basin Groups 17x22 Map (4.0MB)

Community Maps In this section you will find links to all the individual community maps which you can download as a .pdf and view them as needed. These files are rather large because they contain a satelite image as the background.

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