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2009 International Polar Year Film Festival - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

2009 International Polar Year Film Festival - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
   Posted by: "Dan Sokolowski" dawsonfilmfest
   Date: Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:36 am ((PDT))


Letter of Introduction & Call for Submissions:

The Canadian Film Institute, working in partnership with the
International Polar Year, is seeking entries for the International Polar
Year Film Festival. The International Polar Year is an event with over
60 countries involved in an intense program of scientific research
focused on the Arctic and Antarctic. This special film festival will
bring together an international selection of works exploring the issues
and activities of the International Polar Year. Ranging from educational
works (documentaries, industrial films) to fiction films, the Festival
will celebrate the rich diversity of the polar region, as well as
examine the many challenges it faces in the 21^st Century.

The Canadian Film Institute, committed to programming a dynamic and
diverse selection of works related to the representation of the Arctic,
welcomes submissions from all film and video practices, including
science and research.

The IPY Film Festival will take place from September 28-30 in the
Auditorium of Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Submissions must be sent in a playable DVD or video format (NTSC). Send
submissions as soon as possible, as the process of selection is already
underway. If possible, please include a director's biography,
filmography, a film still, contact information, and any other relevant

Send submissions to:

2 Daly Avenue | Suite 120
Ottawa | Ontario | Canada
K1N 6E2
Tel: 613.232.6727
Fax: 613.232.6315 <>

Contact Scott Birdwise of the Canadian Film Institute at <> for further information.

Please forward this email to relevant producers, filmmakers, and other
parties who may be interested.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Canadian Film Institute

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