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Query: Digitizing NWT Legislative Debates, 1950-80

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Date: 2009/5/5
Subject: Query: Digitizing NWT Legislative Debates, 1950-80
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From: Ryan Shackleton [ryan@contentworks.ca]
Query: Digitizing Northwest Territories Legislative Debates
As part of an ongoing research project, the team I am working with is looking to digitize and OCR the NWT Debates from 1950-1980 (Council and later Legislative Assembly). A long time northern resident was kind enough to loan us his collection of NWT Debates which we photocopied and scanned. His collection, however, was incomplete.  Copying the documents at the Library and Archives of Canada or other institutional libraries is cost prohibitive. If anyone has a fairly complete run of the debates and is willing to loan them to us please get in contact with me at ryan@contentworks.ca. If anyone knows if this digitization has been begun, that information would also be useful.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ryan Shackleton

Northern Research Network

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