Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cambridge Bay sludge exempted from an environmental assessment?

Cambridge bay sludgewatch

The Hamlet of Cambridge Bay has applied to amend/renew its water license with the nunavut water board. However it is clear that there are big problems with the application. First they want to open burn mixed waste without sorting out the waste that it is dangerous to burn. Second, the sludge monitoring from the landfill is not adequate or explained in the application to ensure it doesn't leak into drinking water or the aquatic environment.

All of the agencies have commented on the application but it doesn't look like they are serious about compliance with these standards. The proposal has been exempted from an environmental assessment.

It will take sludgy drinking water to get action on standards affecting health, safety and environmental integrity in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

The NWB should hold a public hearing to ensure all the issues raised by the agencies are publicly aired and addressed.

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