Sunday, 24 May 2009

Looking for stories about flying in the NWT - historical and present day.

Jude Weir [] has requested distribution of the
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>Hi there,
> My name is Jude Weir and I'm a Northern Canada rookie. And by that
>I mean I'm shamefully ignorant about it - which is a problem since
>I'm looking for stories about flying in the NWT - historical and
>present day.
> We're building an online "story map" as a resource and archive of
>personal flying stories. As this is a non-profit project we
>are searching out stories ourselves. So I'm really grateful for your
>website and I will get to reading everything on it to get the
>historical aspects but, in the meantime. I'm wondering if you might
>be able to point me in the direction of people who might have a
>story about flying more recently.
> It doesn't need to be grand, or even very long. We're looking to
>capture the "flavour" of the experience as much as sensational
>stories (but we'll take those too!). It can be anyone's story --
>pilot, crew, long as it involves flying.
> I'd really appreciate any advice you could give me. I don't suppose
>there's a newsletter we could put a notice in or anything like that?
> In any case, thank you for your time,
> Jude
>Friend At Hand Productions
>(604) 882-3773
>(604) 671-3836

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