Sunday, 16 January 2011

#YZF #NWT Re: Re: We are looking for content

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From: Dr.Johny Fever <>
Date: 16 January 2011 13:02
Subject: Re: Re: We are looking for content
To: George Lessard <>

You got me I'm a paranoid ,multi personality , delusional . Time to get back to my room computer time is over . They only allow us so much time on here . I hate those nurses.....

Bye George

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 12:53 PM, George Lessard <> wrote:
And who are the "we" you speak of?

On 16 January 2011 12:34, Dr.Johny Fever <> wrote:
Yes the blog is totally unprofessional we admit that. Its radio we are good at not computers.We are not professionals we are a PIRATE radio station ,and make no money ,there for , no money. We are looking to have fun and be vocal for a community using another time honored mode of communication with world potental .Cutting edge journalism is not our thing and we don't even do news , we are music and social commentary.  We air what we want, when we want . But draw the line on right wing crap  and extreme obscenity . We run high power AM shortwave ,and believe the airwaves should  not be  for sale . When in fact they are, as you are well aware. I do not have millions,or lobbyists ,so am a pirate risking criminal charges, and hence trust NO one .Even with your extremely good and honest track record , its the north, and having been here as long you have, know that gossip is more valuable than gas and diamonds to bored SIDS affected brains. 

   You are proud of your work that we understand ,but you put YOUR  work out there everyday on a public medium to be viewed by a faceless world . How would handing over audio be any different than posting a picture on line . If you stand by your work how can that be bad ? 

  Our first e-mail was simply a way of perhaps gaining interest and perhaps starting a dialogue . We were not expecting to be treated as someone laying a trap.  There was no  mention of money or contracts in the e-mail. I do indeed apologize .

Have a great day ,and keep up the good work.

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 11:06 AM, George Lessard <> wrote:
Hey.. I just don't know who you are... and I don't deal with ghosts.. I understand, respect and acknowledge the occasional need for the use of pseudonyms.. but will not deal for content or work with those who do not trust me enough to tell me who they really are... it is as simple as that.. it's a mater of trust, honesty and ethics...  not revealing who you are (and then asking me to contribute and support what you are doing) leads me to distrust your aims and objectives for (and is very un-professional)...  if you persist in this attitude I suspect you will get nowhere with ... in fact.. I already saw your blog and actually Tweeted about it some time ago via ...


On 16 January 2011 09:47, Dr.Johny Fever <> wrote:
Too bad ! Sorry for wasting your time . We were under the impression from the people we talked to that you were involved in community minded media and were a community minded person who spent time around the world building tv stations and radio stations for underdeveloped countries and villages.,and a person of infinite talent. We seem to have contacted a different George Lessard who has been corrupted by northern greed.

  Thanks for your time.

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 9:06 AM, George Lessard <> wrote:
I don't respond for requests for content from people hiding behind pseudonyms unless they are upfront about who they really are and why they use a pseudonyms because one cannot contract with a pseudonyms.


On 15 January 2011 19:32, Dr.Johny Fever <> wrote:
Your name came up and would like to offer the opportunity to air your material . We are looking for content about and from the north directed to the world.

We are just getting started ,but with help from the community and the north in general we can have a unfiltered voice.