Sunday, 13 March 2016

Senate to release Binnie’s final Senators’ expense arbitration report on March 21 re Nunavut Conservative Sen. Dennis Patterson […] NWT Liberal Sen. Nick Sibbeston

Senate to release Binnie's final Senators' expense arbitration report on March 21 "…The Senate's powerful Internal Economy, Budgets, and Administration Committee will publicly release Senate arbitrator Ian Binnie's long-awaited report  March 21 on the 14 Senators who challenged Auditor General Michael Ferguson's 2015 audit findings over $1-million in inappropriate Senate spending.
The report will be released a day before the Trudeau government's first federal budget which some say is a strategy to try to minimize negative coverage. But the chair of the Senate's Internal Economy Committee denies it. […] The 14 Senators who chose to take their cases to Mr. Binnie are: […] #Nunavut #Conservative Sen. Dennis Patterson […] #NWT #Liberal Sen. Nick Sibbeston …"

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