Friday, 26 February 2016

Superior Propane @SuperiorPropane #FAIL in #Yellowknife #NT #YZF

Superior Propane just called me. Why? Apparently because, according to them, I sold “my property” at 451 Norseman in December, that they were about to remove the propane tank and bill me for the removal.. (It’s a big tank at the back of the house and would need a crane to lift it over the house… so it ain’t gonna be cheap) When I explained that I have been a customer of theirs as a tenant, not an owner, the lady said that was not possible because they do not give take accounts from tenants. I told the caller to check their records… over 8 years ago I opened an account with them as a tenant, not a property owner, nothing has changed (other than the fact that I closed my account with them back in December of last year, set my final fill-up with them for Dec 22nd. and have since paid their bill in full
I also pointed out that since as a tenant, I had never asked for the tank or ever paid tank rental, if they tried to charge me for the removal of the tank... I would see them in court....
Superior Propane 346 Old Airport Rd, Yellowknife, NT

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