Thursday, 20 June 2013

2014 #NWT Explorers' Guide Call for #Tourism #Photos

Call for Tourism Photos of the NWT

The Northwest Territories Tourism and Kellett Communications is working on the 2014 Explorers' Guide along with the next issue of the Sportsmen's' Guide and the Meeting Planner Guide.

We are reaching out to all photographers that have spectacular, awe-inspiring and captivating images for use in all of these Guides. We want to show the world just how truly amazing and remarkable our beautiful territory is.

We are looking for images that illustrate the essence of the NWT Tourism's 5 iconic directions; Lakes & Rivers, Parks & Wilderness, Culture & People, Aurora & Winter and Northern Realities. We are looking for any images that are specific too:

- northern lights
- fishing & hunting
- cultural traditions
- local community events and festivals
- outdoor adventures
- parks, lakes and rivers
- road travel
- we would like a mixture of people in and out of the shots as well

Help us show the world the spectacular spirit of the North.

For more information on contracts and submissions, visit or contact Jen Luckay at

Deadline for submission is July 24, 2013. If you haven't already, a completed Photographer Registration form ( is required for your photographs to be considered for purchase.

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