Friday, 15 March 2013

Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC) Mentorship Program

Northern Arts and Cultural Centre Mentorship Program

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre is receiving applications for the mentorship program until March 31st.

 A mentorship to develop the business capacity of the artist in terms of business planning, marketplace planning, promotional planning and bookkeeping.
A tangible marketing placement plan for where best to bring the product. Subsequent understanding of the marketplace showcases as they relate to festivals, soft seat venues and house concerts. Understanding the division between the different venues and what each of them expect in terms of presentation and organization.
A formal commission to develop a market ready product that is included in the NACC seasonal presentation or as a NACC sponsored special event within a year of the commission. This is also the first product that is mentored by the artist into the marketplace. Most of the artists coming from down south and part of NACC Season will offer either a master class or workshops to the artists part of the mentorship programs.
This program will support artists in two different levels: artistic and business support. In order to achieve professional goals, NACC will provide an office space to the artist.
All artists mentored by the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre are brought through this process on a 2 year cycle.
Download application for more information about eligibility and the program.


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