Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nunavut unveils new public housing rent scheme

Nunavut unveils new public housing rent scheme
GN hopes new scale will remove disincentives to work, reduce poverty [excerpt]
"…The changes announced Jan. 24 are aimed at fixing glitches in the old system that caused dramatic rent increases for tenants who found jobs.
This, in turn led people to quit those jobs to go back onto income support — a perverse disincentive the GN hopes to eliminate.
"In the short term these changes mean less revenue for the Government of Nunavut. However, allowing tenants to accumulate wealth and advance in their field of employment will create economic spinoffs to the community and a reduced social burden," Taptuna said in a statement.
A background document said the new rent scale will likely cost the GN about $2.4 million a year in lost revenue.
But the GN hopes they can make that up in reduced welfare payments if the new rent scale encourages more tenants to get jobs…."
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