Thursday, 10 January 2013

#IdleMore Yellowknife [Friday Jan 11, 2012] #YZF #NWT

#IdleMore Yellowknife
"Okay people of Yellowknife, after much work and preparation, we are a go for tomorrow's Global Idle No More rally. [Friday Jan 11, 2012]
It starts @ 12:00pm downtown Yellowknife. Preparations will be made in advance such as the setting up for lunch, tents will be the place to go for the serving of food courtesy of Ndilo members. Tents will be warm. Use proper clothing, cause its gonna be a cold one from reading the forecast.
RCMP are on-board to help ensure this is a peaceful and safe environment for youths, elders, children and supporters.
Another tent will be set-up for a brief info-session: we encourage people to be involved in this. If you don't know the issues and want to learn about them in regards to what this whole thing is about, legislation, etc? that's where you can get that info or be directed where to search for it and who to ask.
(note) If there's any questions, comments or ideas....we encourage you to do so and provide them"

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